We saw a need for a response team who could react quickly with lifesaving expertise for animal victims of cruelty and disaster situations 


Our Mission

We created ARF, Inc to serve three purposes: 1) serve as a response team involving veterinarians and skilled animal handlers who could rapidly deploy when invited by law enforcement into an animal cruelty situation or disaster situation with the skill, equipment and personnel to provide emergency on scene care, emergency transport and emergency sheltering. 2) serve as a foster based horse rescue to provide long term care, rehabilitation and training with eventual adoption for equine victims of neglect, abuse and abandonment. 3) to provide education to the public, animal control officers and first responders in both small animal and large animal handling, emergency care and in recognizing the signs of animal cruelty and neglect. 

ARF, Inc is run entirely by volunteers who are veterinarians, veterinary technicians, wildlife rehabilitators and animal care and rescue specialists. 

What We've Achieved


  • Successfully assisted in animal cruelty cases from start to finish helping to save over 700 animals.

  • Hosted animal handling and animal emergency seminars for the past three years

  • Our cache of equipment enables us to rescue a down horse and we have two sling stalls enabling us to use our Anderson sling when a horse is too weak to stand.

  • A lot of happy endings or as we like to say happy beginnings to a great new life for the animals we've rescued and the horses we've adopted into great new homes.