We pride ourselves on giving each horse in our care whatever he or she needs to be able to lead happy healthy lives

Success in RESponse

We have specialized equipment including horse trailers outfitted as rescue rigs for transport of down horses like Sophie, seen above, and we network to bring in highly respected national organizations like American Humane Red Star Rescue when the cases are too large to handle with local responders. 


success in rehabilitation

Each horse who comes to ARF has a unique story to tell. Some come due to being seized in animal cruelty cases, some come from abandonment situations and some come from falling on hard times. We see most of our horses coming from animal cruelty cases in which they are nearly starved to death and some too weak to stand. For those we have a special facility equipped with two sling stalls with our Anderson Sling. We work with Dr. Jennifer Dunlap and Daniel Bishop Horse Shoeing to get them the veterinary and farrier care they need to get them back up to good health. They are all placed on diets designed just for them utilizing Purina Senior, alfalfa hay/cubes, orchard grass hay and a variety of other feeds/hays to make sure they get the nutrition they need. 

success in training

Not only is it important to us to be skilled responders ourselves but we feel very strongly about bringing education to first responders, animal control officers and to our horse owners and small animal community so that animals in emergency situations whether it be a down horse, a trailer accident or a large scale natural disaster can receive the best care they can get. Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is just as important as knowing what not to do for both human and animal safety.